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Friday October 7, 2022
BLUEGRASS SWEEP: NMU Volleyball Wins Twice

Below stories are courtesy of NMU Sports Information


The NMU Women's Volleyball team hit the court against the host team the Kentucky Wesleyan College Panthers Friday afternoon for their second game of the day while competing in the Kentucky Wesleyan Tournament.


Set One

The Wildcats came out hot in the opening serve of the game. Lauren Van Remortel set up two serves, absolutely denying the Panthers any chance for success. The Panthers quickly came back with two points making the score all square in the first few plays of the match.

A quick-paced first set had the Wildcats and the Panthers going back-and-forth point-for-point putting the score at 12-12. Attacker Lizzy Stark dominated the net putting up four big kills to help push the Wildcats' lead. As the gap widened in favor of NMU Angelina Negron, sent a missile of a spike over the net that was unrecoverable for the Panthers, 20-15.

The 'Cats took full control of the opening set of the game, with Meghan Meyer closing out the set with a solid kill and the momentum carrier for the rest of the game.

First set final score 25-18.


Set Two

Wildcat Juniors Jacqueline Smith and Meghan Meyer started the second set on fire, producing three unanswered kills. The Panthers began to crawl back into the game making the score 7-2.

The Panthers were no match for Angelina Negron's spike that could be described as "faster than the speed of light."

The intensity increased as the Panthers put up a few kills in the hope to come back into the game, bringing the score 14-14 at the midway point of the second set. Lauren Van Remortel and Jacqueline Smith could be seen digging the ball from absolutely anywhere, keeping the Wildcats in the game.

Steady serves by Caylie Barlage helped the 'Cats take the lead once again in the closing plays of the set 18-16.

Tensions were high on the court as the points continued to go back and forth, making the score 22-22 with the need for a two-point lead to win the set. Jacqueline Smith carried the 'Cats to the bitter end with two undeniable serves and a big kill to secure the set for the team, 25-22.


Set Three

The Panthers were able to secure the first point of the third set but NMU had something to say about that. Ania Hyatt added two perfectly placed kills to the board, bringing the score to 5-3 in favor of the 'Cats.

As the Panthers ground to recover a lead, they were no match for the versatile Van Remortel and Smith duo. Jacqueline Smith sent one over the net keeping the Panthers at bay with their 12-9 lead.

Capitalizing on the errors of the Panthers, the 'Cats extended their lead 16-12. The Wildcats danced around the court recovering any ball that came their way. Caylie Barlage set the 'Cats up for success as she made four greatly executed serves, carrying the lead 21-15.

Maddie Crowley stepped in to take the final serves of the game, and to win the match for the 'Cats, producing picture-perfect serves, extending the lead, and winning the set 25-16.

The Wildcats took all three sets with ease, winning the game 3-0.


Stat Leaders

Jacqueline Smith produced 12 kills in the match.

Angelina Negron put up a perfect attack percentage, going four for four.

Caylie Barlage posted four vital service aces.

Ali Yacko dug down deep with a total of 12 digs.


The NMU Women's Volleyball team hit the court against the Henderson State Reddies Friday morning while competing in the Kentucky Wesleyan Tournament.

The Wildcats pulled through and won 3-1.



Henderson state opened the match claiming the first point. Jacqueline Smith quickly answered back and squared the set, 1-1. Smith earned the ball, and the 'Cats went on a five-point streak. The Reddies had a kill and an attack error which brought the score to 8-5, still in favor of NMU. The 'Cats held the lead consistently through the middle of the set, and Evynn Layshock posted two points for the team. NMU still held the lead 20-18. Henderson State found their momentum and came back to win the first set 25-22.



A kill by the Reddies gave them the first point of the second set. Jacqueline Smith had an impressive kill that Henderson failed to block, which tied the set at one. Henderson State pulled through and went on to gain the lead 1-4. After a kill by Lizzy Stark, the Wildcats went on a six-point streak to take the lead, 7-4. Evynn Layshock widened the lead with two more kills, bringing the score to 13-9. Alli Yacko stepped to the line and served up an ace. At the next point, Jacqueline Smith and Meghan Meyer posted a block to widen the score to 16-9. Henderson State tried to rally, but NMU took set two, 25-13.



The Reddies opened up the third set scoring the first two points, but Ania Hyatt answered putting NMU on the board. A bad set from Henderson State tied the match up at two. The Reddies found strong contact with the ball and carried the lead to 6-2, but NMU earned a point after an error. An attack error from the Reddies lead NMU went to gain three points, but still trailed 8-10. Smith added her 11th kill of the match to bring to score to 13-15. The Reddies were playing strong and carried the lead to 13-17. NMU called a timeout and posted two more points. After an attack error from Henderson State, the 'Cats went on a four-point streak to take the lead 21-19. NMU pulled through and took set three, 25-23.



Henderson State once again opened up the fourth set with two points. Lizzy Stark posted a kill, but the Reddies quickly matched, bringing the score to 1-3. Henderson State went on a run, bringing the score to 3-7. An attack error gave the ball to NMU, and Lauren Van Remortel earned an ace. After both teams put points on the board, Smith earned two kills from Caylie Barlage and tied it up at 13. The teams continued to volley, but NMU pulled through and now had the lead 16-14. The Reddies called a timeout, but that was not enough to gain their strength back. The 'Cats took set four, 25-20, and won the match.



Meghan Meyer posted 4 Service Aces

NMU triumphed Henderson State in Service Aces 10-2

Jacqueline Smith had 19 kills

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