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Tuesday September 19, 2017


Thursday, August 24          
(at) North Central 60, North Dickinson 0
(at) Indian River Indian Lakes 27, St. Ignace 20
(at) Cedarville 46, Rudyard 28

Friday, August 25
Gladstone 42, (at) Gwinn 0
(at) Bark River-Harris 14, West Iron County 12
Newberry 49, (at) Manistique 8
(at) Escanaba 28, Alpena 16
Rapid River 38, (at) Forest Park 36
(at) Traverse City St. Francis 21, Marquette 7
(at) Sault Ste. Marie 13, Cheboygan 0
Menasha, Wis. 21, (at) Kingsford 14
(at) Ishpeming 34, Iron Mountain 7
(at) Westwood 22, Munising 6
(at) Boyne City 51, Negaunee 13
Calumet 14, (at) Northland Pines, Wis. 6
L’Anse 27, (at) Houghton 0
(at) Hurley, Wis. 44, Gogebic 20
(at) Norway 34, Niagara Northern Elite, Wis. 7
(at) Pickford 50, Bellaire 12
Brimley 28, (at) Posen 16
Carney-Nadeau 2, Chippewa Falls McDonnell 0 (forfeit)
Engadine 2, Charleton Heston 0 (Forfeit)
Saturday, August 26
Stephenson 64, Big Rapids Crosswoods Academy 0
(at) Ontonagon 44, Superior Central 8
(at) Menominee 26, Marinette, Wis. 6
Hancock 21, (at) Lake Linden-Hubbell 14
Thursday, August 31
Stephenson 50, (at) Phillips, Wis. 14
(at) Rapid River 48, Superior Central 40 (2 OT)
(at) North Dickinson 54, Carney-Nadeau 8
(at) Gwinn 30, Iron Mountain 24
Calumet 28, (at) Negaunee 21
Westwood 38, (at) Houghton 6
(at) L'Anse 32, Lake Linden-Hubbell 12
Engadine 55, (at) Onaway 16
Brimley 42, (at) Charlton Heston 0
Friday, September 1
(at) Gladstone 44, Manistique 6
Bark River-Harris 64, (at) Tigeron-Marion, Wis. 6
(at) Petoskey 14, Escanaba 7
Forest Park 66, (at) North Central 58 (OT)
Menominee 41, (at) Kaukauna, Wis. 33
(at) Hancock 40, Gogebic 18
(at) Kingsford 29, Milwaukee Riverside 8
(at) Alpena 27, Sault Ste. Marie 26
Traverse City Central 42, (at) Marquette 14
(at) Norway 35, Ishpeming 22
(at) West Iron County 34, Hurley, Wis. 30
(at) Gaylord St. Mary 28, Newberry 21
Rudyard 50, (at) Bellaire 12
Pickford 51, (at) Pellston 0
Cedarville 54, (at) Posen 14
Saturday, September 2
Munising 20, (at) St. Ignace 8
Friday, September 8
(at) Gladstone 43, Negaunee 0
Gwinn 48, (at) Manistique 14
Newberry 34, (at) Bark River-Harris 14
(at) Rapid River 46, North Dickinson 28
Ontonagon 32, (at) North Central 30
Fond du Lac, Wis. 49, (at) Menominee 20
Marquette 31, (at) Sault Ste. Marie 7
(at) Westwood 38, L'Anse 10
West Iron County 35, (at) Iron Mountain 3
(at) Wild Rose, Wis. 12, Ishpeming 8
(at) Gogebic 42, Houghton 30
Hurley, Wis. 32, (at) Calumet 26
(at) Hancock 48, Northland Pines, Wis. 20
(at) Munising 34, Lake Linden-Hubbell 28
(at) Norway 30, Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 23
(at) Johannesburg-Lewiston 32, St. Ignace 0
(at) Cedarville 40, Bellaire 6
(at) Stephenson 42, Forest Park 16
(at) Brimley 26, Onaway 25
(at) Rudyard 52, Pellston 8
Saturday, September 9
Superior Central 68, Carney-Nadeau (14
Escanaba 21, (at) Detroit Loyola 20
Pickford 40, (at) Engadine 22
Thursday, September 14
Carney-Nadeau 54, (at) Wisconsin School for the Deaf 32
(at) Pickford 78, Charleton Hedston 8
Friday, September 15
(at) Gladstone 20, Westwood 12
Ishpeming 38, (at) Manistique 0
(at) Rapid River 26, Ontonagon 22
(at) Escanaba 45, Marquette 28
(at) Stephenson 68, North Dickinson 16
(at) Kingsford 35, Sault Ste. Marie 0
(at) Menominee 55, Medford, Wis. 7
(at)  Negaunee 35, Iron Mountain 0
(at) Norway 21, Gwinn 6
(at) L’Anse 20, Hancock 18
(at) Calumet 22, Houghton 6
West Iron County 25, (at) Gogebic 16
(at) Newberry 24, Munising 22
(at) St. Ignace 24, East Jordan 8
Bellaire 44, (at) Brimley 38
Cedarville 52, (at) Onaway 20
Engadine 54, (at) Pellston 0
(at) Rudyard 57, Posen 12
(at) Forest Park 60, Superior Central 18
Saturday, September 16
North Central 76, Baldwin 6
Bark River-Harris 38, (at) Kirkland Hiawatha, Ill. 14
Friday, September 22
Gladstone at Ishpeming (LIVE on FM-105.5/AM-600)
Munising at Manistique (LIVE on AM-1490)
Rapid River vs Carney-Nadeau (@NCA) LIVE on FM-107.3
Norway at Bark River-Harris
Sault Ste. Marie at Escanaba
Marquette at Petoskey
Menominee at Southern Door, Wis.
Wausau East, Wis. at Kingsford
Negaunee at Gwinn
Westwood at Iron Mountain
Hancock at Calumet
L’Anse at Hurley, Wis.
West Iron County at Houghton
Gogebic at Northland Pines, Wis.
St. Ignace at Harbor Springs
Bellaire at Engadine
North Dickinson at Ontonagon
Pellston at Cedarville
Phillips, Wis. at Forest Park
Posen at Pickford
Rudyard at Brimley
Saturday, September 23
Stephenson at Superior Central (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Newberry at Lake Linden-Hubbell
Friday, September 29
Sault Ste. Marie at Gladstone (LIVE on FM-105.5/AM-600)
Manistique at Iron Mountain (LIVE on AM-1490)
Rapid River at North Dickinson (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Escanaba at Menominee
Kingsford at Marquette
Gwinn at Westwood
Negaunee at Ishpeming
Calumet at West Iron County
Hurley, Wis. at Hancock
Northland Pines, Wis. at Houghton
Gogebic at L’Anse
Norway at Munising
Gaylord St. Mary at St. Ignace
Brimley at Pickford
Carney-Nadeau at Forest Park
Cedarville at Charlton Heston (at Grayling)
Engadine at Rudyard
Ontonagon at Stephenson
Saturday, September 30
North Central at Superior Central (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Bark River-Harris
Thursday, October 5
Escanaba JV at Gladstone JV (LIVE on AM-600)
Friday, October 6
Gladstone at Escanaba (LIVE on FM-105.5/AM-600)
Manistique at Negaunee (LIVE on AM-1490)
Stephenson at Rapid River (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Carney-Nadeau at North Central
Menominee at Sault Ste. Marie
Iron Mountain at Kingsford
Minocqua, Wis. at Marquette
Westwood at Ishpeming
Calumet at L'Anse
Hancock at Gwinn
Newberry at Norway
Charlevoix at Munising
St. Ignace at Frankfort
Engadine at Cedarville
Pellston at Brimley
Pickford at Onaway
Rudyard at Charlton Heston
Saturday, October 7
Bark River-Harris at Gogebic (at Wakefield) LIVE on FM-107.3
Houghton at Lake Linden-Hubbell
Northland Pines, Wis. at West Iron County
Bear Lake at Ontonagon
North Dickinson at Superior Central
Thursday, October 12
Onaway at Rudyard
Cedarville at Pickford
Friday, October 13
Gladstone at Iron Mountain (LIVE on FM-105.5/AM-600)
Manistique at Westwood (LIVE on AM-1490)
North Central at Rapid River (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Escanaba at Oconto, Wis.
Kingsford at Menominee
Marquette at Negaunee
West Branch Ogemaw Heights at Sault Ste. Marie
Bark River-Harris at Gwinn
Ishpeming at St. Ignace
Gogebic at Calumet
Houghton at Hurley, Wis.
L’Anse at Northland Pines, Wis.
West Iron County at Hancock
Lake Linden-Hubbell at Norway
Rogers City at Newberry
Brimley at Engadine
Carney-Nadeau at Stephenson
Forest Park at Ontonagon

Saturday, October 14
Superior Central at Flint School for the Deaf
Thursday, October 19
Gwinn at Ishpeming
Pickford at Rudyard
Friday, October 20
Gladstone at Calumet (LIVE on FM-105.5/AM-600)
Bark River-Harris at Munising (LIVE on FM-107.3)
Escanaba at Kingsford
Stephenson at North Central
Menominee at Marquette
Sault Ste. Marie at Gaylord
Negaunee at Westwood
Houghton at Hancock
L’Anse at West Iron County
St. Ignace at Newberry
Cedarville at Brimley
Carney-Nadeau vs. Ontonagon (at Ewen)
Engadine at Posen
North Dickinson at Forest Park
Saturday, October 21
Manistique at Lake Linden-Hubbell (LIVE on AM-1490)
Rapid River at Superior Central (LIVE on FM-107.3)

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